About us

Born and raised in South Louisiana, Blake Landry "Bayou Blake" grew up enjoying the genuine taste of Cajun cookin'. After heading across the country for work, he learned how much he missed those unique flavors. After years of experimenting to find just the right combination, he finally captured the Louisiana Flavorful® taste in a bottle and Gator Shake® was born.

Although originally created for personal use, Gator Shake® quickly became a huge hit with friends. Blake soon found himself shipping out one thousand bottles in a single year and knew it was time to take Gator Shake® to market. Now he’s ready to put Gator Shake in the kitchen of anyone who wants to experience Louisiana Flavorful® in their own home.

One taste is all it takes, and we’re ready to prove it with free samples. Request your sample now for your own Louisiana Flavorful® experience.

Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!
(Let the Good Times Roll)