Meet Our Gator T-Lou

Our gator mascot, T-Lou, happily smiles across every bottle of Gator Shake. She was uniquely designed and trademarked from Bayou Blake’s perspective–he wanted to make sure the gator was fun and happy. The gator that sits on our site is also happily smiling!

Bayou Blake’s mama is affectionately called “T-Lou” by family members.  In Cajun, “T” means little and “Lou” is short for Louise. When combined, “T-Lou” means both Little Louise and Little Louisiana, which are both perfect for the Gator Shake mascot’s namesake.

Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!
(Let the Good Times Roll)

I'm the only gator in this swamp! Bayou Blake's mama, T-Lou, holds down a gator.Bayou Blake's mom, T-Lou. I'm the only gator in this swamp!